ART SLAM LIVE is a live art event where we take visual art and friendly competition, set it all to music and perform before a live audience.

ART SLAM LIVE is a non-traditional way of creating exposure for talented visual artists; giving them an opportunity to showcase their creative gifts with the public.

ART SLAM LIVE is our method of changing the traditional studio and gallery process by making the creative process a form of entertainment.

What Happens at an ART SLAM LIVE event?

Six visual artists are chosen from a number of applicants to create and compete on stage. These artists have no idea what the theme or subject matter will be until minutes before they go “live”. The artists have between two to three hours to express their vision of the announced theme or subject matter, all on stage, set to the DJ’s soundtrack, and before a live audience. When time is called, the winner is¬†determined by the thundering applause and cheers of the audience!

2 thoughts on “WHAT IS ART SLAM?

  1. ok, this looks like lots of fun. From what I understand it really is a “slam” jam…thank you mam or sir but that didn’t sound as cool.

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